Hyped by Donald Trump, ACN Video Phone Business May Be Collapsing

Donald Trump tells Americans that it is a technology breakthrough, a wave of the future; everybody will own one; better get in now! He is personally endorsing and hyping the “revolutionary IRIS V Video Phone”, the flagship product and the new icon of the multi-level marketing company, ACN, for which Donald Trump serves as pitchman-in-chief. He trumpets the video phone on Celebrity...

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Like Donald Trump’s Hair, ACN May Not Be What It Appears To Be

State regulators and television news media have recently shined a light on what many people thought was one of America’s fastest growing multi-level marketing companies, ACN, based in North Carolina. ACN’s great claims to fame and legitimacy have been its reputed fast growth and its television endorsements by celebrity, Donald Trump. But new developments and revelations are...

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Analysis: Montana/ACN Settlement Displays the MLM Loophole, Once Again

The state of Montana played David against the multi-level marketing (MLM) Goliath, ACN, when it recently accused that company of operating a pyramid scheme. ACN’s boastful promoter is the millionaire, Donald Trump, and the scheme’s product, a video phone, is promoted on Trump’s national TV show. ACN claims to have 200,000 sales reps worldwide. Montana is a state with less a...

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Montana vs. ACN, a David and Goliath Battle

Montana is a very large state with a famously big sky and vast natural resources, but in terms of consumer protection against the likes of the MLM scheme, ACN, it is a David ¬†facing off with a financial Goliath. Montana’s state securities commission is charging ACN with operating a pyramid scheme. It is seeking to collect fines and refunds from ACN for Montana consumers deceived and harmed...

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MLM Scheme, ACN, Charged with Operating Pyramid Scheme

The MLM scheme, ACN has been charged with operating as an illegal pyramid scheme by regulators in Montana. The charges brought by the state securities commissioner are depressingly familiar. They describe a predatory ¬†recruitment program based on outrageously false income claims and documented ¬†financial losses by the vast majority of all participants. The regulators’ charge that consumer...

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Specter of Illegality Stalks Multi-level Marketing

From around the world, the charge that multi-level marketing is illegal is being sounded. Consumer activists have long charged that “MLM” is not a true business based on sales to the public but a pyramid scam based on “endless chain” recruiting fueled by “distributors” making purchases to qualify for recruiting rewards. Some MLMs have more retail sales than...

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