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The Shocking Realities of MLM Injuries

On May 2, an extraordinary event was held in New York City in which courageous citizens who had been injured at the hands of the MLM, Herbalife and its recruiters, came forth publicly and told their MLM stories. This is a voice that has not been quiet, but, but rather has been ignored or suppressed for decades until now. The stories were told in a compelling documentary and then elaborated in...

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Soul of MLM Examined

In a new, hour-long interview, Jordan Harbinger (The Art of Charm) asked PSA President, Robert FitzPatrick to explore the deepest, darkest elements of MLM. The interview examines how MLMs capture people’s dreams, take over their lives, and insinuate into families and communities. Harbinger’s interest sprang from his work to aid men in discovering their own power in being more attractive...

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FTC Neglect and Corruption

Consumer Report Now Available: The Main Street Bubble The new report from Pyramid Scheme Alert, “The Main Street Bubble: A Whistle Blower’s Guide to Business Opportunity Fraud; How the FTC has Ignored and Now Protects It” is now available to the public at no charge. If you have an interest in seeing this report, email PSA. Include the words “Main Street Bubble” in...

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Atlanta Newspaper Examines MLM Scheme, Stream Energy/Ignite

In a feature report, a major metropolitan newspaper, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, examined the MLM scheme, Stream Energy/Ignite, focusing on the question of whether the company is operating a disguised pyramid scheme. Stream is a reseller of utility services, gas and electricity, and operates in several states. Ignite is the multi-level marketing  sales division.  The company uses a pyramid...

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MLM, Fortune High Tech, Reportedly Investigated by NC Attorney General

The MLM scheme, Fortune High Tech Marketing (FHTM), is now the target of an investigation by the North Carolina Attorney Generals Office, according to an article in the Wilmington, NC-based newspaper, Star News. The article notes that this company has already been prosecuted by state regulators in North Dakota and Montana and that it faces a class action lawsuit brought by consumers who accuse...

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Analysis: Amway Accused of Fraud; Pays $150 Million; Where’s the FTC and DOJ?

Amway is the largest, oldest and best known representative of “multi-level marketing” (MLM). It is the most prominent member of the Direct Selling Association. This icon of “direct selling” just announced that it has agreed to pay restitution to consumers and reform costs estimated at over $150 million. The payments are in response to consumer accusations that...

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Naked Truth: Penn & Teller Nail MLM

Since the book, False Profits, was published in 1998, scores of journalists, including CBS 60 Minutes, Wall Street Journal, London Times, BBC and many daily newspapers, each have conducted interviews and presented news stories, feature articles or radio and television reports on multi-level marketing. Yet, it was not a news reporter but a comedy/satire show on Cable TV that got it dead-on right....

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