Seven Gifting Scheme Women Charged with Felonies — Millions More at Large?

A Michigan newspaper reports that “seven Newaygo County women have been arraigned… on felony charges in connection with a pyramid scheme targeting women.” The article states that the women are facing charges of pyramid chain promotions, which carries up to a seven-year sentence and a $10,000 fine.  These are not necessarily ringleaders, it reports. Each one participated in a...

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Analysis: Montana/ACN Settlement Displays the MLM Loophole, Once Again

The state of Montana played David against the multi-level marketing (MLM) Goliath, ACN, when it recently accused that company of operating a pyramid scheme. ACN’s boastful promoter is the millionaire, Donald Trump, and the scheme’s product, a video phone, is promoted on Trump’s national TV show. ACN claims to have 200,000 sales reps worldwide. Montana is a state with less a...

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Gifting Schemes

Gifting Scheme Mathematical Progression The “Original Dinner Party” New Wrappings for Old Gift Who Joins Gifting...

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