Is Social Security a Ponzi Scheme? Pyramid Scheme Alert Answers: NO!

Since its founding 11 years ago, Pyramid Scheme Alert has battled an epidemic of Ponzi and Pyramid Schemes in the USA and internationally. The schemes operate as multi-level marketing, home-based businesses, gifting clubs, investment schemes, buying clubs and under other disguises. Our Directors, Advisers and supporters have researched and analyzed pyramid schemes and have worked to clarify what...

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Finland Hit by Madoff-Style Ponzi Scheme

August, 2009 Finland has recently discovered that thousands of its citizens were duped in a near clone of Charles Ponzi’s original scam and a close relative of Bernard Madoff’s. The scam in Finland was originally called WinClub, but after some negative publicity and inquiries, changed its name to WinCapita. The scheme ran for more than three years with no government or media...

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The Penny-Stock Pyramid Scheme

(and its Similarity to Multi-Level Marketing Pyramids) Each era has its own business hoax. The schemes develop in good times and bad and adapt to the special conditions of each era. With the benefit of experience and hindsight, the hoaxes appear obviously as frauds, but in the context of their period, they are seen as believable and beguiling. They inspire hope and excitement and they attract...

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