Links to MLM Information Sites

As in the cases of Enron, the cigarette industry, bank and mortgage fraudsters and the Madoff ponzi scheme, the truth takes time to emerge but it inevitably does prevail.

These links refer to sites, which are not owned by or under the control of Pyramid Scheme Alert, and are provided for informational purposes.

Despite the volume of lies and hype flowing from multi-level marketing schemers there is more valid, research-based and whistle-blower information available today than ever before. The truch is emerging.


Sites About Multi-Level Marketing


False Profits — by Author and PSA President, Robert FitzPatrick
Fraud Files — MLM News and Analysis by Highly Respected Fraud Expert, Tracy Coenen
Quackwatch — Site that also investigates bogus MLM products
MLMWatch — by Dr, Stephen Barrett
Cagey Consumer — Excellent Resource with many links
MLM: The Truth — Research and Analysis of MLMs by Dr. Jon Taylor
What’s Wrong with Multilevel Marketing? — Famous Essay Examines the Fundamental Flaw in MLM
Crimes of Persuasion — Covers Many Types of Scams, and Includes a Good Treatment of MLM Scams
Steven Hassan’s Freedom of Mind Center — Analysis of MLM, with focus on Amway, as a mind-controlling cult


The MLM File — An Australian Anti-MLM Site authored by consumer activist Peter A. Blood with valuble insights gleaned from direct experience and exceptional analysis.


Crime Busters Now — Canada-Based Activist Site by Dave ThorntonIndia


Corporate Frauds Watch — Courageous exposé blog by journalist and advocate. Shyam Sundar, waging a battle against the multilevel marketing and money circulation schemes.


A Drain on Capitalism — A well thought out Blog by Pedro Menard, primarily aimed at exposing the MLM, Agel, but also offering much valuble information on MLMs and pyramid schemes.


All About Multi-Level Marketing in the German Language
University-level Website Examining Multi-Level Marketing


Sites Focused on Specific MLMs


Quixtar/Amway Business Analysis — An Amazing and Comprehensive Collection of News and Analysis. Must Read.
Amway Global Cult Intervention and Quixtar Is a Cult — Deep Analysis and Critique of the Amway organization

Mary Kay

Pink Truth — a consumer awareness and consumer information website. The purpose of this blog is to provide information, opinions, and support to those looking for information about Mary Kay Cosmetics and the business opportunity. Whether you are a current sales director or consultant, former independent sales force member, or potential Mary Kay recruit, we hope to help provide you with real information about Mary Kay Inc.
Pink Lighthouse — Searching For Information About MaryKay? Then you’ve come to the right place. We’ll help you sort through the hype. We’re here to educate and inform. We provide resources so you can make up your own mind.


UsanaWatchdog — Research and Analysis of the MLM scheme, Usana, developed by a consumer activist. Explores the hopelessly overpriced products, pyramid pay plan, deception, stock manipulations, etc.


The Infernal Machine: From Powder to Dust
This (Nov. 2012) revealing, in-depth article is published at the website of the Southern Investigative Research Foundation, a non-profit, investigative journalism project. The article probes the business model, income claims, stock maneuverings of insiders and legal jeopardies of this fast growing MLM whose message appears aimed at financially struggling young people who face high unemployment and low paying job opportunities. READ

Discussion Groups

MLM Survivors Club*
Mary Kay Survivors Club


Matrix/Gifting Frauds


Matrix Watch — Monitors Online Selling Scams Using the Pyramid Matrix to Entrap Consumers
Cash Gifting Watchdog — A dedicated site that explains and analyzes this massive fraud sweeping the internet.