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Naotaka Katoh

Naotaka Katoh is a professor in the law school of Kokushikan University in Tokyo. His major areas of study are Criminal Law, Sociology of Crime and Consumer Protection Law.

He is currently engaged in major research of corporate crime by multi-level marketing companies in Japan and measures for consumer protection and compensation to victims.

Professor Katoh is a member of the American Society of Criminology, the Japanese Society of Criminal Law, the Japanese Society of Economic Law, and the Japanese Society of Sociology of Law, the Japanese Society of Sociology of Crime and the Japanese Society of Victimology.

He heads the secretariat of the citizen movement in Japan that is examining the impact of Amway on Japanese consumers.

He recently testified as an expert witness on behalf of a Japanese author who was sued by Amway for publishing material critical of that company.

He presented a paper at the Society of Sociology of Crime and the Japanese Society of Victimology regarding the victims of Multi-Level Marketing pyramid schemes in Japan.

Professor of Law
Kokushikan University
Tokyo, JAPAN

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